Deaths, corona outbreaks and side effects related to the Covid vaccination

A reader of our blog, who has been living in Australia for many years now, contacted us and is now collecting the media reports of deaths, corona outbreaks and side effects related to the Covid vaccination in Australia.
If you know of other cases in Australia, simply report them directly via E-Mail to the reader, that collects the information.

Collected articles:


Date: 14.06.2021

07.06.2021Is the mass media waking up?

Vaccinated people could be prevented from flying
Watch this video on Sky
My Parents in their 80's have been told by the local doctor to get vax^xine. ( Mine have refused)
Most of their seniors group have been given the A^JAB last week.
Most are feeling unwell, sore muscles and headaches and flu like symptoms.
One gentlemen had a reaction.
He had skin graft on his leg from removing melanoma cancer. This was about 8 months ago. The skin graft hasn't healed so well and it need dressing about once a week, it was not bleeding but more like seeping wound healing slowly.
Yesterday he visited my sister and while he was sitting in chair, his leg started bleeding a lot. There was a pool of blood under his leg and also his shoe was full of blood, the pool of blood was a little bit bigger than a size of a magazine. He did not realise what was happening.
My sister told him he should head to the hospital. Which he did and was quite alarmed.
As she cleaned up the blood from the floor with gloves and paper towel she said it was really really strange consistency. There was another person in the room and they also commented on the look of the blood on the floor.
It was thick and chunky it wasn't like normal blood should be like. It didn't drip in drops but more like clumped together. She mentioned like crystallized honey?

Unfortunately my sister was so upset by the situation she didn't take a photo because the gentleman was now becoming a little worried about all the blood on the floor and in his shoe..
She asked him if he had the Jab and he said yes a week ago. He said he wanted to get J^AB because the doctors told him he cant travel interstate or overseas if he didnt..
Update from him today 6th june 21 he went to hospital and the bandaged is leg up, gave him some medication.
He is really worried about blood clots and very scared of what might happen to him... He doesnt know what to do. He is scared but in his 80's so doesnt say anything !!! He hopes he doesnt have a stroke or heart attack.
Its so so sad that our elderly are being told they need the J AB to travel or scare mongering into taking this horrible Poison..
They being taken advantage of.
If they only knew what reactions they might get..
This Madness has to stop... Please stop its awful.
A woman in New South Wales has died of a rare blood clotting condition after receiving the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, the Therapeutic Goods Administration has reported.
The TGA said since last week, four reports of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) had been confirmed as "likely" to be linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine.
A 52-year-old woman was one of these cases and the TGA reported she had suffered a severe form of TTS in the form of a blood clot in her brain, also known as a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, before her death.
TGA weekly report just launched ... 30 Aussies are dying each week from the Covid Vaccine.
This takes the total Australian reports of cases assessed as TTS following the AstraZeneca vaccine to 48, with 35 confirmed cases and 13 probable cases. Based on the most recent information available to us:
31 have been discharged from hospital and are recovering, with some receiving ongoing outpatient medical care
15 patients remain in hospital, including one who remains critically ill in intensive care
two people have died in hospital.
------reporting physicians file a report of death following vaccination for investigating by the panel. They've got 27,000 reports and are so behind they'd need another four years to complete these investigations. In ANY OTHER post market surveillance the assumption is that unexpected death within 12-24 hours of a new investigational drug will be considered as a result of the new treatment until proved otherwise.
01.06.2021Melbourne, Victoria
Has anyone else's vaccination data (second shot) been LOST by the system?
And there is no record of it anywhere even if it has been almost a week?
Or is it just me?
They can't even get the administration right these clowns.
Film maker Peter Spann passed away after taking AstraZenica jab.
He proudly announced on social media on May 25th that he had his first jab.
It has been confirmed on social media that popular Australian filmmaker, businessman, writer, investor and speaking coach, Peter Spann has sadly passed away. He was reported to have died on May 31 2021.
His cause of death or what led to his sad demise has not been made known to the public.
Reacting to his death Chairman and CEO of ActionCoach, Brad Sugars made a lengthy post on his official Facebook page about Peter, describing him as one the funniest persons he has ever met.

Read the whole article here
In the week of 24-30 May 2021 we received 1825 adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) reports for COVID-19 vaccines.
Eight additional cases of blood clots with low blood platelets have been assessed as thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) likely to be linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine. This brings the total number of confirmed and probable TTS cases in Australia to 41.
- 23 have been discharged from hospital and are recovering
- four have left hospital but require outpatient medical care
- 13 patients remain in hospital
- one patient died in hospital.
In total, 42,402 AEFI reports have been received.
Hey guys, I hope you’re all well!
Long story short, my partner is being given no option but to take the vaccine in her uni studies.
I remember viewing a legal act last year stating that those who choose not to receive any sort of vaccine, have the right to do so without any repercussions such as (being stood down, loss of opportunity etc)
I had saved the act but can’t seem to find it for the life of me.
I remember the act being named after someone, the act wasn’t recent, it was based in the 1900’s.
I know it may not be a lot of help, but that’s all I remember.
If anyone knows what I’m talking about, can you please forward me the file or website. It was Australian.
I’m hoping we can get her out of being forced to take the vaccine, otherwise she will have to drop out of uni after all the years of hard work and dedication she has put in.
Total adverse event reports to 23 May 2021
6.1 Reporting rate per 1000 doses
22,031 Total AEFI reports received
3,613,053 Total doses administered
15,273 Total reports for AZ vaccine
6652 Total reports for Comirnaty
198 Total reports for brand not specified
27.05.2021As the vaccine coercion campaign continues under threat of further restrictions, the Australian public deserves to know the side effects being experienced by many.
The TGA has had 210 deaths & 22,000 side effects, including 27 blood clots, reported following C19 vaccinations. Not in the public’s interest?
In contrast, there’s been just one Covid death in Australia since October 2020. Two people are in ICU with C19 nationally.
The country has over 92,000 hospital beds. The curve has been well & truly flattened, & yet the hysterical alarmism continues...
Melbourne locked down for an other 7 days for more coercion to get the jab.
24.05.2021Australia and overseas
There have been a number of reports of teens and young adults experiencing heart problems after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.
Most often, myocarditis develops after a virus either because the virus infected and damaged the heart muscle directly, or because the immune system went into overdrive in response to the virus and attacked the heart muscle by mistake. In this case, he said, the heart muscle damage may occur as late as weeks after the initial infection.
My friends mum got the j-a-b
2 days later she ended up in hospital.
7 days later she died from organ failure.
She wasn't super healthy but at the same time she wasn't going to die in a week...
Oh and she also made 7 other people sick who didn't get the shot... Shedding?
This is a reminder to do more research and to keep boosting your IMMUNE SYSTEM.
22.05.2021Adelaide S.A.
My Dad Will Shadoan William Clive Haddon was taken to the Modbury Hospital by ambulance late Thursday night with severe abdominal pain and profusely bleeding and blood clotting from his urinary tract. He was sent home with a suspected urinary tract infection and told to get antibiotics. He bled and suffered for another day and was taken back to the Modbury Hospital by ambulance on Saturday morning. He had to have blood clots removed from his urinary tract and was in emmense agony as he wasn't allowed any pain medication. After persevering through a blunder of inadequate care he was transferred (handballed) to the Lyell McEwin Hospital at around 5pm. Triage was extensively delayed and not tests were done to see where his bleeding was coming from. Once this disgrace of a sideshow was over he was given minimal pain medication and was told he couldn't have anything stronger although still having major abdominal contractions. The nurse told him to not cause any trouble over the night as her shift was ending and she wouldn't get much sleep and she'd be back in the morning to hear about it. He asked when he would have any test to see what was happening and she said maybe tomorrow maybe Monday who knows its the weekend. I informed her that he had had his Covid Vaccine and she shrugged and said yeah I've had mine too and it didn't bother me. His wife and I were told to leave the hospital after visiting hours although no information was given on what was happening. Just before we left he had a really bad cramping pain which was agonising for myself to watch and when it subsided he said he wanted his light left on so he could try and read his newspaper The Australian because he knew he wasn't going to get any sleep. It then took 3 hours to transfer my Dadd who had a stroke in a hospital, untreated to the Royal Adelaide Hospital. He suffered major damage to his brain all the while still bleeding into what he sarcastically referred to the day before being his rose bag. They performed an operation to clear the blood clots in his brain which was unsuccessful. Information and communication or lack of from participating hospitals only added to the lack of fastness or even knowledge of what to do for him added to the undue care that had been administered. Told once again to a nurse that he had the covid vaccine to which I got a shoulder shrug reply. (I have this on video) Then began a long and torcherous day and night of insurmountable pain, agitation and what I can only describe as a hell of a fight to live and breathe. He was moved to the ICU in the early hours of Monday morning. When I spoke with the ICU doctor he had no idea of all this information and had to follow up to find out, no information from Modbury Hospital has been given to us at this stage. Monday afternoon he was put on a ventilator and has been hanging on like the bloody trooper he is.
My Dad is True Blue Aussie and deserves more respect than this disgraceful service the SA Health Departments have provided, all the while trying to disregard and sweep the covid vaccine under the rug. Well that is NOT going to happen and he may not be able to speak but my voice will not be silenced.
Tag away and talk it up because this should not happen to anyone. This man is not a statistic, He is My Dad!
This is not a urinary infection Modbury Hospital and it is not good enough!! What duty of care??!!
Read the news article here

UPDATE 24/5 SADLY Will Shadoan William Clive Haddon PASSED AWAY
The account below is from a very close friend in Qld. Please read and share. We need to get this information out to people as the medical fraternity are blatantly ignoring the evidence.
Sorry about this being a group email, but I have some very disturbing news to share. Last wed my mother was given the Astrazenica jab. This was done behind my back, as my family knew I would not consent. 24 -35 hours later my mum experienced some sort of 'event' most likely a mini stroke of some kind which left her unable to speak properly. She was admitted to hospital on the Saturday morning in a critical state. Yesterday afternoon, less than a week after the shot, she passed away from multiple organ failure at the Redcliff hospital in Brisbane. Despite mentioning to several of the doctors who saw her that she had the shot just prior to falling ill none of them were prepared to make any connection between the shot and her condition. None of them even asked which shot had been used. The only person who asked this question was the dietitian, who looked concerned when I told him it was the Astrazenica, the same 'vaccine' which has been banned from many countries due to blood clots. When asked if this would be entered into any database due to he 'possible' connection to the vaccine I was told by one doctor NO, it would not be recorded anywhere because her platelet count was normal. This proved that it could not be even remotely connected. They never checked to see if she had had a stroke. Due to her inability to speak, she was never able to tell us what had happened, why she was lying on the floor unable to move, or how long she had been there. I found irrefutable proof of menstrual bleeding, which I have heard is quite a common reaction to the jabs. I am keeping this as evidence if needed. She was 83 years old. My mother was a beautiful, caring person and had no health issues to speak of apart from the usual frailties you would expect from someone her age. I will not let my my mothers story go unheard like all the others, and I will make sure it goes to all the databased of vacc injuries which are being compiled. If anyone has any information on where to find these databases could you please let me know. Please feel free to share this story.
My mate got buried on Friday just gone.
He walked into the doctor one afternoon, got his Astrazeneca#1 and by the next morning he couldn't walk, talk or hold his bowel.🙏
Total adverse event reports to 16 May 2021
6.4 Reporting rate per 1000 doses
19,598 Total AEFI reports received
3,073,502 Total doses administered
13,574 Total reports for AZ vaccine
5843 Total reports for Comirnaty
181 Total reports for brand not specified
22.05.2021Queensland nurse update
The 18 Year Old Girl Who Had Blood Clots After Receiving The AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine:
Now must take 4 pages of medications for 6 months, which include:
- Apixaban (Stroke & Blood Clot Medication)
- Prednisolone (Used for Blood Disorders)
- Pantoprazole (Treats the Throat/Stomach)
- Amoxicillin (Bacterial, Pneumonia infection)
- Paracetamol (Pain, Headaches, Fever)
- Weekly Blood Tests
- Monthly CT Scans
But the Australian Government & Therapeutic Goods Administration will continue to say:
- “It’s safe and effective...”
- “The benefits outweigh the risks...”
- “The age cut off at 50+ prevents it from affecting younger people, because ‘sCiEnCe...’
- “One size (vaccine) fits all...”
This is absolutely ridiculous and should not be happening... especially to an 18 year old nurse from Queensland.
22.05.2021Adelaide S.A.
Well here in Adelaide we have two men in hospital with blood clots One in his 50.s who according to the news bulletin tonight No further announcement re his health at present The other man in his 70's evidently went to hospital with stomach pains ,told it was a urine infection and sent home with anti biotics Now on life support Both having had the Astra Zenica Could not believe MSM was telling this story
Female medical Dr on tv tonight when the 18yr old Qld nurse was being interviewed , regarding her blood clots ,and the problems she had prior to being diagnosed It was two and half weeks after getting the jab The medical people would not have a bar of it having anything to do with the jab The girl knew herself it was ,but now the medical people have acknowledged it was the jab This Dr stated that ONLY 22 PEOPLE in Australia have suffered from blood clots ,but in the last SIX WEEKS the medical staff now know how to treat these people ,and no one should put off in getting the jab This really beggars belief
When anyone got injured or died with v$$$ne$ in the past ,they were withdrawn ,but not this one this really is Genocide The amount of injuries around the world and the deaths
A friend of mine had Astra Thursday. Body went into shock. Fevers chills etc. it’s now Saturday and he still feels like crap. Didn’t play sport with us as too fatigued. Looks green. Has missed work and will do so for coming week. That’s only first jab. Normally healthy/sporty guy just over 50. Very concerning.
22.05.2021Adelaide S.A.
A dear friend of mine I have known for 40yrs just posted this on her page,
If you have elderly parents beware. Rob's Dad didn't want the covid jab, but last week his Dr talked him into it. Rob's Dad was taken to hospital yesterday and they have found he has a blood clot on the lung ?
22.05.2021York Western Australia
my mum went for her Vitamin D shot today at the doctors surgery. the first thing the nurse asked my mother was whether she had had her flu shot, and her covid shot yet. mum said she wasnt intending on having it, since people are dying from the j**b. the nurse just looked my mum in the eye and said loudly " oh yes, we have had a few people die here too" and the other nurse confirmed it... without batting an eyelid. plain weird!! my mum was flabbergasted, to say the least! obviously, those deaths have been swept under the carpet.
22.05.2021Haywood Victoria
I went to pick up my (unvaxxed) husband from the hospital today and discovered that a neighbour who lives a few miles down the road from us had been rushed to an ICU with blood clots in his legs on the same day that my husband had been taken to another hospital for a different reason. The neighbour had also apparently died under the anaesthetic from heart failure while they were treating his legs. He said, "All my blood disappeared! I don't know where it went!" My guess is he had been bleeding internally and it had come out as black fecal matter. He said they had had to pump gallons of blood into him! One of his eyes looked large and glassy too, and I wondered what other brain damage he might have had. I asked him whether he had been vaccinated and he said, "Yes! About a month ago, and I think that is what caused all this!" I agreed with him. I didn't like to tell him his problems are likely to continue. Anyway, he's changed his mind about getting the next shot!
That was my first experience of side effects in someone I actually know.
Yesterday my GP asked me if I wanted to get a Covid vaccination at the medical centre. This is the second time he has asked me; the first was about four weeks ago.
I told him the same thing I said the first time: " Thanks. I'm not against it, but given the side effects I've been reading about, and the fact I survived 2020 without one, I'd prefer to wait and see how 2021 (and the live human trial) turns out."
He didn't pressure me, and I appreciate his concern, because I am in several high risk groups if I were ever to catch the dreaded Covid.
Curiously though he did mention that I'd be OK getting vaccinated, because I'm on blood thinners (Xarelto and aspirin). So he does know it's an issue.
From my brother this morning... Sandra is his partner... "Sandra's mum went to hospital feeling sick they said she was in a bad way so they gave her the vaxination half hour later she died". It makes me so mad, why would they give it to an already sick older person ... ( I would say they won't even list it due to the vax, as she is old and was feeling unwell, I wonder how many of our aged are dying when given the vax, but it's not reported as such, and you can't prove it)
22.05.2021Yarra valley, Victoria
A good friend of mine had the first AZ vàcz a few weeks ago. She had quite a significant reaction to it. Spend two days in bed with a fever, headaches, sweating, muscle soreness, lethargy.
In the following weeks she had a very sore neck, which bothered her quite a bit.
Last Thursday, she had a stroke.
Fortunately she survived. She spent 5 days in hospital and now recovering at home. The MRI showed that she had a stroke that came from a blood clot in her neck.
She is only 39. Otherwise a fit and healthy person. Slim, eats well, doesn’t smoke. She an emergency services worker, which is why she got it.
Why am I telling you this? Because you won’t hear about it any other way. People need to know what is happening to others in your community but our government will not admit what is happening. There are probably many other people that are suffering too.
I’ve been given permission to share this information from a person I know first hand who had the AZ a couple of weeks ago and has been off sick since. I finally caught up with them face to face last night. They told me that shortly after having it, they couldn’t walk, leg spasms and couldn’t stop vomiting, ended up in hospital. At the beginning of the year they’d had their blood serology taken to show that they had antigens present to protect from communicable diseases such as measles and pertussis ( mandatory job requirement), results showed they had antigens ( protection). For some reason, probably because they wanted to check what was going on with their immune system, because they were so sick, they did the serology test again while they were in hospital. Results.. all antigens wiped, no immunity to anything now! Now that’s really scary and it makes you wonder how many other people this is happening to as this blood testing isn’t a routine test. The TGA has been notified and has been in touch with them, but has advised them to be cautious as they have yet to conclude that there is any correlation between what has happened to them and the shot! What’s just as concerning is that Dr has advised not to have the second shot but better to follow up with the one instead!! Oh, and needing to have all those other shots again for their job requirements!
Update: boss was at work today....not 100% but there...
It was the astra dose and apparently getting himself ready for jab number 2
Yesterday I was travelling with a good friend to attend a freedom rally and my friend informs me her eldest daughters workplace staff (in Brisbane) were scheduled to get jab on Friday just gone! Her daughter was not getting it but the other 18 staff were lined up behind their boss ready for it.
The boss was first and after administration he immediately dropped to the ground unconscious and started having a seizure! They called an ambulance and the staff while shaking theirs heads ran out of the room refusing injection!
I don’t know the outcome of the victim but I thank him for saving 18 other souls!
18.05.2021Lazy TGA
Over 11,000 Adverse Event Reports are sitting with the TGA for review.
Hi there, I've just gotten out of hospital after discovering I had a blood clot in my lung. I had received my first AZ COVID vaccine on the 07 April, and approximately 2 weeks later I had symptoms from my collar bone, to my lower back. I had gone to 2 GP's as I was struggling to breathe, was in constant agony and couldn't sleep from the pain. They both advised me that I had probably pulled a muscle and prescribed me some anti-imflammatories. After dealing with this for a week I finally went back as the pain wasn't improving and I had also coughed up a tiny bit of blood. After then being admitted with a blood clot, they've advised that they don't think its from the vaccine as I was also on the pill. They've also said that I need to report this as they wouldn't. After a scary experience, and now needing to be on blood thinners for 6 months minimum, I feel like there definitely needs to be more discussion around this. Also, I'm from SA and recieved my vaccination a couple of days before they advised under 50's not to get it.
A second Australian has died in India from coronavirus.
Solar pioneer Govind Kant passed away at Delhi hospital after contracting COVID-19 in late April. Mr Kant had returned to India for family reasons earlier in the month as the nation battled through an unprecedented second wave.
"It is with immense sadness that Trina Solar has to announce that our beloved colleague and friend Mr Govind Kant, Trina Solar Australia Country Manager, passed away on May 16th, 2021 at Delhi hospital," Solar Juice Pty Ltd said on Facebook.
"Our deepest condolences go to his wife, two daughters and other family members. This is a significant loss to Trina Solar and mere words cannot express the heartfelt sorrow we all feel upon Govind’s passing."
Mr Kant's death followed the death of an Australian permanent resident earlier in May. The daughter of the deceased, Sydney woman Sonali Ralhan, went public last week, criticising the government for “abandoning" her father.
My Sister In Law was jabbed 2 weeks ago. I saw her for the first time last Monday. Wednesday I was crawling on the floor with the room swimming around me, and vomitting so badly I had sore ribs.
Today I saw her again. She had a blood nose. I asked how l9ng they had bern going on. 'Oh only about 10 days, 3 or 4 times a day'. I told her to go to the Dr to get checked out. 'Oh it's ok I used to get them as a kid it's nothing new'. FFS she is 72 now, so it was only yesterday. She just won't have it.
If I get crook again she won't be seeing me again anytime soon.
A young trainee nurse has been hospitalised after multiple blood clots were discovered in her lung just weeks after she received the AstraZeneca vaccine.
Ellie Peacock, 18, received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on March 31, a week before the government announced people under 50 would no longer be receiving the AstraZeneca jab due to blood clot concerns.

Readnews article here
16.05.2021New South Wales
My Daughters boyfriends pop had his vaccination ( not sure what one ) 3 weeks ago ,10 days later his wife found him sitting in his chair not breathing it took a while for the ambulance to come and do CPR he was taken to hospital and put on life support the family was quickly informed it was not due to or had any link to the vaccines (typical they were told this ) my daughter came home last night to say they were turning off his life support 72 years old .
This was a couple full of life travelling every chance they could in there van with there little dog who is missing him dearly..
16.05.2021Sydney NSW
My mum was in a nursing home in Sydney where she was told she should get the vaccine. She got the Pfizer vaccine on Tuesday, Wednesday morning she had a seizure and fell unconscious. She was unconscious for 6 days. Finally she has started to come to. I hope she just keeps getting better but I'm worried. She's 88. My family don't think it's connected to the vaccine.

She's never had seizures before. The doctors say they have no idea why she was unconscious for 6 days. My family think it must be the gallbladder infection that she has since been found to have.
It is madness. To begin with the doctors were saying that it can't be the vaccine because a reaction would either happen immediately or two weeks later, 12 hours didn't fit the timeline of being an adverse reaction. I thought that was weird.
16.05.2021Pert W.A.
One of my clients had the vaccine ended up with excessively high blood pressure and admitted to hospital with ambulance, she had all 12 reactions documented. Even after she nearly died from it the GP has advised her to complete course and get follow up vaccine on 6 weeks ? WTF ?
Oh and also recommended her to get her flu vaccine
Since then she has not felt right and is getting extreme headaches daily
I posted about a week ago about our aged care residents and the V and what I know, another update..
We have had another death but I cannot confirm as of yet, if this resident even had the V, let alone died from it BUT I am confirming without a doubt the resident I previously mentioned who had the typical scab looking rash and swelling on her arms and her legs had oozing open sores develop, with extreme swelling.. she took a turn for the worse and was sent to hospital a couple of days ago and has not yet returned. I hope for the best but fear the worse.
Thank goodness I actually documented on the work phone that her new skin condition was a reaction to V. Still unsure if this has been reported to vax tracker or the TGA. Will update any other info.
15.05.2021Australia still some good doctors
I seen my doctor last Tuesday and I went with my dad to his oncology appointment last Wednesday with the Professor. His onc doctor is so cool, anyway, at both my doctor and dads doctor Maxine was discussed, my doc is from HK dads from India and both said the same thing about Maxine, wait until the trials are over.
My dad has diabetes and for now, benign bone cancer, his everyday GP told him to get it, his specialist while not seeming like he was discouraging it actually did.
My cousin in law took a bad turn for the worst on Friday. I presume he had his second shot of AZ. Had the first shot in April. He is 83 has dementia and Parkinsons and is in high care. Choking and a bubbling chest. Doctor called, put on antibiotics and wife warned as he continually gets pneumonia (no longer will hospitalise) to prepare for the worst. In other words to be expected from his health problems. Which up to a point is true but who really knows?
Two weeks ago my 8yo daughter told me that she had a teeny tiny bit blood coming from her vagina. I didn't think much of it, until I read some of those testimonies of 20 000+ women sharing their personal experiences; 18 months old babies having spot bleeding, etc. So I asked my daughter about it. She told me it happened for 3 days in a row, once a day. Followed by 4 days of having a sore tummy, especially at night time 😯😢 Obviously I'm very concerned and worried now. What to do?
Also I talked on the phone to my parents yesterday. My 70 yo dad said that this year, for the first time ever, he has a bad hay fever, an allergy to birch tree pollen. Shortly after he told me that they both had taken their Pfizer shits a few weeks ago. Coinsidence..?? He thinks not 😑
A guy yesterday was trying to sell me a caravan. We talked about all sorts of stuff and the v conversation stated. He had his on wed I was talking to him Friday. He said he had a headache and temperature that was it. He then proceeded to tell me he had diabetes I said wow why did you get the v then. His response doc suggested it. He said that the doc told him he would be better off betting the v as if he caught Rona he could die cause if his diabetes. I said have they done studies with people with diabetes he said I don’t know. I said welcome to the trial he sat down dumbfounded and said he was not sure if he wanted the Secind shot of poison. I said do your re search I am going back with some info for him on Monday hope he runs away from his next app maybe just maybe he had no idea just trusted his doctor
15.05.2021Matong NSW
Hi everyone. Here somes pics of my mums arm in hospital 4 days after having Astrazeneca vaccine. 1 week she has been in hospital, at first she fainted twice, bad headaches, chills/shivering, 41 degree temp. Thank God she is ok now after 1 week in hospital and 20 bags of intravenous antibiotics, she is back home and needs another week of oral antibiotics 3000mg a day.
Be careful guys and make sure you have plenty of money, annual leave banked and someone to be able to look after your children if you have it. Its one BIG roll of the dice.
Our 50 year old niece had the shot mid week. Headache, bone aches and didn't stop vomiting the following day. Needed to see GP for treatment. I doubt this will be logged as an adverse event. Apparently once you recover the reaction is considered normal. Very sad.
12.05.2021Pert W.A.
A West Australian grandmother has been rushed to hospital after she became covered in bruises and swelling soon after receiving her first dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.
Read this article here
Son ‘dearly regrets’ telling his mum to get the AstraZeneca vaccine but experts warn of risks of not getting vaccinated

An Australian man did his research and advised his mum to get the AstraZeneca vaccine but now regrets his decision after she died.
Prasad used to speak to his mum every day but all that changed “in a split second” last month.
Three days after the Canberra man’s 79-year-old mother Ratna received her second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine in India, he called her about 4pm (AEST time) to ask how she was feeling and she said she was fine.
When he called again, just two and a half hours later, she was already in a coma.
From what he can gather from relatives in India, his mum went into the backyard to put some garbage out for collection and went back into the kitchen.
“She was holding on to the bench, she called out to my niece twice and by the time my niece got there she was already closing her eyes and went into a deep coma,” he said.
She never regained consciousness, although she survived for roughly five days before dying on May 6.
Read the news article here
14.05.2021Perth W.A.
Currently at QE11 hospital in Perth with my daughter who is on a neurological ward, 3 patients on her ward are having adverse reactions, One has blood clots, one has had a stroke and another has severe headaches
13.05.2021More cases of severe adverse events in Australia ...

These are NOT the same as blood clots or DVT caused by the contraceptive pill as reported by MSM or even our own PM.
This is systemic uncontrollable simultaneous bleeding and clotting where the spike protein your body has been told to produce is attacking the vascular system.
No you can't pop an asprin.
Diagnosis and treatment is very difficult.
Morbidity is 30-50%.
1 Covid death in Australia in six months.
1 case a day of thrombocytopenia from these medical devices (they are NOT immunisations) with mortality and morbidity rates that are 4000% higher.
This is a crisis.
I have just got back from the Emergency at my local hospital, i was out in the room where all the ambulance patients come in and I just witnessed two patients that had came in and I over heard talk to the Dr’s both had been vaccinated one yestersay and one today, one patient had shakes like it was affecting the nervous system! The other patient had heart palpitations and was connected up to a heart monitor and on oxygen, both patients I’d say were in the 50’s -60’s age group!!
I have two friends who had adverse reactions to first AZ Jan.
One very fit 75 year old man who was not warned not to exercise after. Went for his regular bike ride the next day and had to return home feeling extremely ill. Has taken over a week to start to normalise.
The other a 78 year old woman who exercises regular and very health conscious. Arm extremely sore, severe stomach cramps, diahorrea, nausea for several days. 81 year old husband had no after effects.
Have also heard of quite a few people who reported having no side effects whatsoever.
Am interested to hear about and understand the process of 'shedding' and the consequences thereof.
For more info watchthis video doctors discussion
I sent a friend a link to a video re risks and she said both sides of her family wont be getting the jaß as her hubbies parents had it last month and his mother died of a stroke 2 days later. She said the hospital Drs (in Vic, Aust) refused to say it was the jaß and "just a coincidence"
11.05.2021Brisbane QLD
One of my staff went to the sunny coast for a family catch up on Mother’s Day. Her daughter in law who lives in Brisbane said her parents who also live in Brissy got vac’cine a week back and her mum hasn’t left her bed sick she can’t move!
Apparently they got it cause they are ‘old’...yep 55 is now classed as old!!! Go figure!
11.05.2021Matong, NSW
Please stop anyone you know from getting any covid vaccine. My mum has astrazeneca and 3 days later, feeling very ill, bad headaches, vomiting, fainted twice at the doctors, clotting, 41 degree fever at 1 stage, red skin . Shes been in hospital for 4 days now and is up to her 15th bag of antibiotics administered, doctors still can't work out what this bug/infection is that is causing all this despite all testing, CT Scans, Ultrasounds, X Ray's, Covid tested and negative too. Lucky now her temperature is back to normal, no clots, but the doctors want to keep her in for another few days and prescribe oral antibiotics when she is discharged hopefully touch wood.
Nobody wants to admit it could likely be linked to the vaccine as she was fine before.
Take at your own peril as there's something very sinister about these vaccines and the whole covid agenda since the day it started.
Its never ever going back to normal (The New World Order) even with everyone vaccinated so just don't take it.
One of my nursing colleagues has a designated MRNA vaccination day. She informed me nonplussed that the first person vaccinated was hospitalised with blood clots.
Two of my auntys recently had the vaccine. The first collapsed that afternoon with a severe reaction that required hospitalisation. She reported severe pain across her chest and back with fever.
The second reported sudden balance issues and not feeling right for weeks
11.05.2021Western Australia
This all just got personal??
I have now become an innocent and unwilling participant of this global experiment. At 11weeks+1 I have suffered a miscarriage last night. I am 41 years old, this is my second miscarriage. Note I did NOT take any vixx !!!
I live in the bush, we've just had lockdown restrictions so I have pretty much been in isolation. My pregnancy was going along just fine.
On May 1st I took my daughter to see the doctor. That same day I later had a little bleeding but nothing concerning since it went away.
May 3rd I went to see the same doctor myself. This is when I asked him if he had the vixx...HE SAID YES! MY heart dropped. So after this visit I'm sure I passed the mucous plug that evening in hindsight. Concerned but no serious bleeding that day.
May 7th I went just to the clinic for my 11week blood tests. In and out without many people there. I don't know if the blood collector took the vixx. I didn't ask.
Bleeding increased that night
May 8th miscarriage occurred. ??
If there is transmission from the vixx to us then I witnessed it or a coincidence ??
Pregnant women should not be around those people. So please take care. I'm thankful for my 3 beautiful healthy children ??
I don’t usually do posts like this but I really feel the need to share our weeks events to hopefully prevent this happening to anyone else....
As most of you know we have an elderly Dad , Ian who is 79 and in an aged care centre. We recently gave our approval for his COVID 19 vaccine , but I believed it to be mandatory ( my bad for not investigating and listening to media etc) . 3 days after his vaccination on the 8 th April Dad developed Hypo Delirium ( brain shut down) , he was unresponsive for 5 days , we were preparing for End of Life preparations...?? Its been an intensive , emotional and dreadful experience for us all. Yesterday however Troy ,Lucy and little Harry drove 2 1/2 hours from Hervey Bay to see their Grandad / Great Grandad for what was thought to be the last time. Dad opened his eyes ( which he was unable to do for days, and by the time we left Ian was Fist Pumping and high 5ing with his Great Grandson ??????????
It looks like Ian’s future is looking brighter and I wish to thank all people that have been a part of his recovery and supporting myself ....
Sorry for the long read but I needed to get this message out to any of you that have aging parents and Grandparents that this could be the outcome for any elderly person with dementia or Alzheimer’s . I have found recent findings on Google and have attached one article.
Thanks to you for reading??
PS Dad is NOT having his second vaccination ....
10.05.2021I just had a conversation with a lady who needs to return to PNG to bury her dad's ashes. She filled out all the paperwork and did everything the Australian government required but was told she can't fly because...
It begins...
these people were proud to get the "vaccine" no they are dead
07.05.2021Yahoo News Australia and agencies Fri, 7 May 2021, 8:52 pm
Australian citizen dies in India
A senate committee has been told an Australian has died in India, though it is not clear if they died of Covid-19.
Barry O'Farrell, Australia's High Commissioner to India, confirmed an Australian permanent resident had died in the country currently grappling with a devastating second wave of Covid.
No further comment regarding the death was made by Mr O'Farrell, though he said it was not clear if the Australian died of the virus, NCA Newswire reported.
10.05.2021Mt Barker in the Great Southern, W.A.WA health authorities are investigating after a grandmother developed bruising all over her body days after receiving her first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.
The daughter of 80-year-old Maureen DeBoick, from near Mt Barker in the Great Southern, shared shocking images of her elderly mother’s bruise-covered hands, saying she had to be airlifted from Albany to Fiona Stanley Hospital two weeks ago for treatment.
“It started off as a spot on her tongue that got bigger overnight,” Trudy Love posted on social media. “It progressed very quickly to the inside of her gums bleeding & everywhere she touched on her body came out in a huge dark bruise straight away.
“If she rubbed it, it bled out.” Ms Love said the photographs of her mother’s hands were taken within the first two days of the condition appearing and it “progressively got worse all over her body”.
See the picture and read the full article here
10.05.2021Johns Hopkins University confirms: You can be vaccinated with a PCR test, even without knowing
Now several experts and former mainstream journalists like John O’Sullivan are warning that the massive PCR testing campaign could be a WHO vaccination program in disguise. (see Principia Scientific) [3] O’Sullivan is referring to a new technology developed at Johns Hopkins University that is supposed to make it possible to carry out covert vaccinations through a PCR test. (See Johns Hopkins Universitiy) [4]
Read the whole article with referenced material here.
08.05.2021French organisation concluded:
The Centre Territorial d’Information Pharmaceutique d’Avis (CTIAP for its French acronym) concluded that none of the four vaccines implemented in France are safe or effective. They all received emergency use authorization with insufficient clinical evidence and therefore demanded their immediate suspension.

CTIAP, which is linked to the Cholet public hospital in western France, recently published a report showing that the vaccines used against CCP Viruses underwent insufficient clinical testing. Also, the quality of the active substances, their “excipients—some of which are new,” and the manufacturing processes are deficient.

Dr. Catherine Frade leads the research team, a renowned pharmacist who worked on public data reported by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) regarding injections from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson).
Read the full article here
Ophthalmologists now ethically obligated to denounce covid-19 vaccines, as 20,000 new eye disorders are reported
In just a few months, the World Health Organization received approximately 20,000 reports of new eye disorders that occurred post covid-19 vaccination. These reports include 303 cases of blindness and 1,625 cases of visual impairment! The European drug monitoring agency had never recorded such a severe spike in eye injuries until after the experimental vaccines were launched. These reports were collected by VigiBase and analyzed by the Uppsala Monitoring Centre in Uppsalla, Sweden.
08.05.2021TGA, Australia
Weekly TGA Report this week has changed it's format.
Last few weeks it showed the 'Adverse Events of Special Interest' (AESI) as a list of diagnosis, including Anaphylaxis, Bleeding Disorder, Guilliane-Barre Syndrome, Cardiac Event, Facial Paralysis, Liver Injury, Seizure, Loss of Taste and Smell and Low Platelets.
Points of notice:
80% of AE reports are for mild, expected reactions. My interpretation of this is that it means 20% are AESI.
20% of 15k AE reported means 3,003 people have experienced a serious adverse reaction of some sort- whether the AESI listed previously or otherwise.
This means 1 in 760 people had an AESI based on total doses given so far.
Blood clot disorders from AZ- Up to 163 this week from 97 last week- a 70% increase.
They still say that this is on-par with the 'background rate' for blood clots in Australia...
08.05.2021Brisbane, Queensland
My uncle got a blood clot 3 days after the receiving the AZ Covid Vax in Brisbane Aus. He had the robotic surgery for prostate cancer 5 weeks ago but doc said it was probably the surgery that caused it not the Vax. Hmmmmm.
08.05.2021Brisbane, Queensland
Hey guys
I was having a chat with a colleague today who mentioned that her mother is in hospital at the moment with blood clotting after receiving the AZ jab on Sunday. She said her doctor pressured her into taking it. We are located in Brisbane.
There haven’t been five cases of blood clots in Australia following the AZ vaccine, as widely reported this week. There’ve actually been 163 reports in recent weeks, including 44 in the last week. All after receiving the vaccine. And all bar five “coincidental”.
From the TGA:
The five attributed cases include a 66-year-old Townsville man currently in ICU and an elderly Tasmanian man in hospital.
The blood clots have been assessed as thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) and are likely to be linked to the AZ COVID-19 vaccine, the TGA’s weekly safety report states.
The five cases also include a 74-year-old man and a 51-year-old woman in Victoria and a 64-year-old woman from Western Australia. This increases the total number of Australian TTS cases attributed to the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, to 11.
“Professor John Skerritt from the Therapeutic Goods Administration said there had been 44 reports of blood clotting in people who had received the AstraZeneca vaccine across Australia in the past week.” SMH.
08.05.2021Melbourne, Victoria
3 hotel quarantineen workers in victoria were taken to hopsital after side affects form the pfizer vac this week
they were taken by ambos because the side effects were really bad
received this message from my boss this morning
Edit for more info: Gym was a F45 in NSW. I don't know which vaxx he got. The lady that told my boss is one of our suppliers that goes to that gym. My boss also used to go to the same gym.
08.05.2021Townsville Qld + Tasmania
Five Australians have suffered blood clots believed to be linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine in just one week, with one man being treated in ICU.The AstraZeneca vaccine is being blamed for five new blood clot cases that include a 66-year-old Townsville man currently in ICU and an elderly Tasmanian man in hospital.
See whole story here
05.05.2021Sunshine Coast QLD
My husband had to get the vax because he travels for work and they wanted him to. He doesn’t have to but his boss made it clear he couldn’t travel without it and so hint hint go get it. First day was fine, now he’s getting sicker by the day. Chills, pains, fatigue. I don’t know what to do next. He going to the GP tomorrow.
05.05.2021Caboolture, Queensland
My first experience personally knowing somebody who had the jab. Two days ago his doctor talked him into the AZ jab in Caboolture Queensland. He has been bedridden since with chills,fever and has a large blood clot in his left eye. This man knows alot of people and is contacting everybody to tell them. This is a good thing as people need to be aware of these adverse affects the majority of which go unreported. I feel so sad for him as even though he is in his mid 70s he has always been in very good health which hopefully will be a big advantage in the outcome. Recently I read that doctors in Australia were paid $50 or $60 per jab, up from the previous $30 or $40. Is this why my friend was talked into it? Who knows but this doctor is most definitely accountable surely? Do they not take an oath to do no harm? This is a criminal act in my opinion.
In the last couple of days this man's wife is now ill with flu like symptoms so it seems shedding is real.
05.05.2021Perth, Western Australia
A week ago my mum was airlifted to Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth. It started of as a spot on her tongue that got bigger overnight. It progressed very quickly to the inside of her gums bleeding & everywhere she touched on her body came out in a huge dark bruise straight away. If she rubbed it it bled out. These pics were taken within the first 2 days & progressively got worse all over her body. Her body had killed off all her white blood platelets so she had a count of 0 compared to the 100 she should have. So far she has had 2 transfusions which has brought her count back up to 2. Still such a long way to go. Mum has had a whole body CT Scan & doctors have ruled out 100% that she does not have cancer at all thank god, but they are now saying it is related to the Astra Zeneca COVID Injection. She is now facing a possible operation to remove her spleen as that is what is attacking her body. Mum is probably going to be in care for a while yet but I’m so thankful that we still have her with us. Please don’t let your parents have this shot. There is not enough known about it & there is no way that I’m having it. My mind was made up right from the start. This nearly killed my mum & I’m so thankful that she’s in the best place possible to hopefully recover eventually back to her normal self. Love you Mum & see you on Wednesday
Authorities investigating blood clot case in 65-year-old Queensland man who had AstraZeneca vaccine
A Queensland man says he “almost died” after getting the AstraZeneca vaccine in the latest blood clot case authorities are investigating.
See news article here
A Queensland man who had a stroke and developed blood clots within days of having an AstraZeneca COVID-19 shot is waiting to hear from health experts assessing whether the vaccine could be responsible. ??
04.05.2021TGA reporting
Today the TGA latest report is from 21st of April. Seems they are certainly not the fastest reporters.
See the report of 21/4
03.05.2021Melbourne, Victoria
I have a friend who has CCL Leukaemia who had a reaction to the vaccine. Been in hospital for a week and only starting to get platelets back up after 3 to 4 blood transfusions. It seemed to trigger his condition. Didn't think i would see this happen to someone i kno
03.05.2021Charters towers Queensland
A girl I went to high school with who is a nurse and midwife posted this today ...
Her reaction plus the form for reporting adverse reactions. I’ve blocked out her name, pic and address as she thinks these reactions are ‘normal’
"I am so exhausted - 2nd vaccine for Covid yesterday - last night and today has not been a pleasant experience - fever, rigour and extremely bad headache,
fatigue to the point that cannot get out of bed otherwise I fall from feeling weak and faint."
03.05.2021Griffith NSW
I live in a small country town where everyone knows most people here .
I’ve been noticing that all the elderly (some in their 90’s) have had the jab and had no side effects whatsoever, and yet the younger ones in their 40’s and 50’s have been all very sick after the jab . Does this mean the elderly are getting a milder dose? Or a different type? It’s just something I’ve been noticing .
03.05.2021Merrimac, QLD
So my brother tells me today his wife got the AstraZeneca shot on Friday. Says she feeling like shit. Her head hurts. All her joints are aching, can’t lift up the arm she got the shot in. This after two days, I’m praying nothing else decides to show up as the days pass.
03.05.2021Sydney, NSW
My parents took the Pfizer vax two weeks ago in Poland although I begged them not to do it. My father collapsed three days after and ended up in ICU on life support. His lungs stopped working and he was kept in induced coma. He had underlying conditions such as asthma, epilepsy and high blood pressure. One of the nurses said it could be reaction to the vax but no doctor will ever admit that. Sadly my father passed away yesterday evening and I strongly believe his death was caused by the vax.
03.05.2021Country Victoria
Found out today my dad’s cousin in country Victoria died 2 days after getting the jab ??. Don’t know too many details yet but as she was in early 80s with other illnesses I’m sure it will be recorded as being old age ??
A 50 year old lady in Brisbane had the AZ and had chills and shakes for 3 days with her glands all swelling up on one side of her body.
My mothers nursing home in Melbourne had their injections a few weeks ago now 70 percent of them have unexplained weight loss of 3 to 6kilos not great for the already fragile.Worried
TGA investigating two deaths for possible links to COVID-19 vaccine
The first case involved a 55-year-old man who died in Tamworth Hospital just eight days after receiving the vaccine while the second case involved a 71-year-old man who died after receiving the AstraZeneca jab.
It has not yet been established which vaccine the 55-year-old Tamworth man had taken and no link has yet been established between the vaccine and his death.
Watch news item here
29.04.2021Uralla, New South wales
My uncle had a severe reaction to his flu shot a couple of years back. After that he ended up in a nursing home with dementia. Sometimes he was good and had been recently. About four weeks back I overheard his conversation with my dad on the phone and he sounded really good. Not long after he took a sudden turn for the worst and ended up unconscious. He passed away this morning. His sudden turn happened around the time the v was being given throughout the nursing homes here. No one has mentioned anything about him having it or not but it has certainly made me think. How many has this happened to that we don't even hear about
23.04.2021Niece Of Bee Gees Singer Barry Gibb Found Dead Days After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine Jab.
The neice of Bee Gee’s frontman Bernice Gibb Rhoades, 56, known to family and friends as Beri, was discovered unconscious on a mattress with her dog by her side at her home in Las Vegas by her husband Chino. Beri’s group of friends and family have paid tribute after she died of a suspected coronary heart assault days after receiving her second dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.
Read full article here.
28.04.2021Melbourne, Victoria
My mother was talked into getting “it” and while she had a range of health issues to say she has gone down hill is an understatement !
I saw her about 4-5 weeks ago but visited her last week and I’m shocked (I tried to convince her not to get it) she is now in hospital and it’s not looking good
27.04.2021Australia wide
Many reports are coming in from people who work or are surrounded by newly vaccinated people, having different reactions comparable with reported side effects. It looks likes there is shedding going on.
Watch this video please.
27.04.2021Adelaide S.A.
I am so scared.
The residents where I work are going to be pricked this week.
Any leftover will be offered to staff.
I will be hiding.
++++ Remarks: The psychological pressure on people who get pressured to take the jab or loose their job, or face an other type of coercion / blackmail is enormous. That's why I reported the above to as a side effect of this roll out.
++++ For people with mental problems there is a Free Self Help Kit to overcome mental problems on
My mainstream and stubborn husband took the pfizer on Friday (he threw up sat morning and had shivers and bad headache mostly in the left temple) without telling me. How do I protect my children and myself against shedding? Please advice, I'm utterly disgusted and disappointed.
21.04.2021Bellingen NSW
Just had a call from my cousin saying that her mother is now in hospital with respiratory problems, heart problems and blood clots etc. I asked her “She didn’t recently have the jab by any chance”? Response - “Yes, the Astra one”.
My aunt had only recently gone into the Nursing home and they all had to get it. Even though I have heard of lots of cases like this, this is the first time that I have heard of it happening with a relative or friend. It is sooo sad. ??
21.04.2021Brisbane Qld
Brisbane man hospitalised for clots days after receiving Pfizer vaccine
Health officials have launched an urgent investigation into how a Brisbane frontline worker developed blood clots days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

The Queensland government has confirmed health authorities will investigate any potential link between the Pfizer vaccine and a man who presented at a private hospital with blood clots just days after receiving the jab.
The 40-year-old man, believed to be a police officer and frontline worker responsible for patrolling Queensland quarantine hotels, received the Pfizer shot on Sunday, 9 News reported.
Deputy Premier Steven Miles said Health officials would urgently look into the matter.
“It’s too early to say if this incident is linked to the Pfizer vaccine,” Mr Miles said on Wednesday.
news report here
++++ very remarkable: During the Peak of the Covid pandemic in Australia not a single police officer got the virus, had any reported illness or died. They broke every Covid prevention rule...
++++ But now a police officer in QLD has a blood clot due to the Pfizer "vaccine"
21.04.2021Brisbane Qld
My daughter works in an aged care facility in Brisbane area, as a food service attendant. She told me last night, since the C- jab a week and a half ago, 4 residents have already "coincidentally" died at her site alone.
21.04.2021Logan Qld
My dad is in a High Care facility with 50 beds. For the past 2 weeks no one has been able to go and see him due to the Premier closing doors on Aged care.
he whole center had the jab 12 days ago. I went to see my dad yesterday. As I walked in, the front nurse looked a bit weird.
I asked her if she was OK, and she pointed to a table in the foyer. Int was a Memorial for FOUR that have died this week. She told me that an other TWO had suffered strokes.
That is 6 out of 50 in a week since the jab. Very eerie walking down the corridor to my fathers room and seeing the blank name plaques.
My dad then said that he ws worried about his friend who he has breakfast with, she had a stroke.
I asked what room and yep, it was one of the now cleaned-out rooms with empty name plaque on the door.
Why is the media not pointing this out to the public?
Why was the nurse given a "gag order" not to say anything?
What are the real numbers of death and adverse reactions, as this is just ONE age care facility out of hundreds in Australia..
A neighbour in his early 60’s had a reaction to his injection last week.
He had chest pains-apparently the first case of them reported-and during the night he passed out while walking between rooms. He woke up the next day! Apparently feeling normal now.
Full health details unknown, but nothing was mentioned of previous/underlying conditions.
From Queensland, Australia.
He will be getting the next injection, but a requirement will be someone to stay with him the first night.
20.04.2021Sydney NSW
2 of my customers that were about to set off on a 12 month caravan holiday around Australia decided to get the jab before setting off to avoid any problems whilst touring, well that didn't go as planned.
Don has a bad heart and had zero side effects but on the other hand Margret his wife has this going on, every third day to a tee 1. profusely watering eyes, 2. chronic diarrea 3. temps to 41 4. zero energy
5. chronic stomach cramps and lastly sore / itchy throat this lasts a few hours each time but it is every 3 days on point, asked her why she took the jab answer was i didn't want border issues
if COVID enforcements keep going ahead, feeling sorry for her, and they have gone ahead on the trip but had to take epi pens and a whole list of drugs, plus an EPIRB, SAT phone, etc etc etc
and suggested to stay near hospitals is there only way to do the holiday and lastly neither of them had any underlying conditions that were not addressed before the jab,
so Don is still ok (has a crap heart), but no side effects and Marg is now a basket case., i've asked them to keep in touch with me as they travel and will update as i get the info so for now IMHO "DON'T DO IT PEEPS".
20.04.2021South Australia
A fellow Health Care Worker at my hospital had the 1st injection. Had to take 4 days off as he said he felt like he was going to die.
A few nurses have had time off from having the AZ vaccine. Now they do not vaccinate staff as a large wirkplace group as the hospital can not afford to have so many away on sick leave at the one time.
20.04.2021Taree NSW
Several people reported to see a news item on channel 7 TV about a man in Taree who died after the jab. The news item disappeared shortly afterwards and is nowhere to be found. MSM is very silent on such items.
19.04.2021Sydney, Australia:
“My godparents have just told us a horrendous story about this! Here though, in the north shore of Sydney! His mother was in a nursing home and last week the residents were all given the astra va((
Following the injection, 11 of them had blot clots leading to strokes! My godfathers mother had a secondary clot in her bowels, which they said they could remove but as she was on life support after the stroke they decided to switch it off. So she had the astra vx and within days was dead. A nurse came to the funeral and said that they’ve been reporting the blot clots in the elderly and the gov has flat out said they refuse to investigate or admit there is a link because “they’re over 80 and they have strokes anyway”!!! 11 strokes in the 1-2 days following the vx is a bit more than the usual. They’re literally killing off older people with it.”
17.04.2021TGA admits minors mistakenly given AstraZeneca vaccine
More than a dozen teenagers as young as 14 have been given the AstraZeneca jab despite there being no vaccine approved for use in minors in Australia, as the Therapeutic Goods Administration confirmed
Read more about this blunder here
13.04.2021Private message sent in today via a retired HCP/Nurse in South Australia.

Really appreciate your support re informing us of the realities relating to these vaccines. What a disaster this is! Thought you might be interested to know a very close friend of mine suffered a heart attack yesterday. She had the Astrazeneca vacc on Saturday with nasty reaction almost immediately. Come Monday she dragged herself to work, she is a Registered Nurse. A couple of hours into her shift developed severe pain and breathlessness. Admitted to hospital and found to have a heart attack. Still in hospital, 52 years of age.
Not good
12.04.2021Sydney NSW
My fathers friend had 1st jab. Astrazeneca.
3 days after he needed an emergency MRI.
They confirmed clotting nr the retina and optic nerve.
The next day these ruptured. He's now 90% blind.
He walked in a healthy man.
18.04.2021Western Australia
My wife's friend (Liz is 74) had the Astra Zenica jab about 3 weeks ago because she has some immunity issues. After 3 days she developed a tremble in her right leg and went to her doctor to get tested for thrombosis. Luckily she doesn't have thrombosis but looks like she has developed a neurological condition which is causing her leg to tremble and feel like a dead weight (Liz words). Liz advised my wife her doctor told her to not have the second shot under any circumstances. I will let you know if anything else develops with Liz.
14.04.2021TGA reports:
TGA adverse event reports to 14 April 2021 have increased from 5.4 last week, and 5.7 the week before, to 6.3 per 1000 doses this week.
TGA have changed the state reports to reporting rates per doses (compared to number of reports per state as noted in my earlier posts).
Victoria has had 10.8, Tasmania 6.5 and NT 6.1 adverse events reported per 1000 doses.
TGA continues to note they are investigating whether there is a link between blood clotting disorders and the AstraZeneca vaccine.
Adverse events of special interest are (Pfizer):
Anaphylaxis (39 reports)
Bleeding disorder (11 reports)
Facial weakness (6 reports)
Seizure (7 reports)
Cardiac event (3 reports)
Loss of sense of taste or smell (3 reports)
Liver injury (1 report)
Muscle damage (1 report)
Work colleague was pregnant by ivf was advised by Dr to have vax had miscarriage at 15 weeks husband devastated only spoke to her about not having vax a couple of weeks ago when will people learn
I am a registered nurse in an area where only AZ was offered to staff. Fortunately have not been coerced or forced. I just said no and that was that. I declined the jab but I am now really sick with upper respiratory infection.
What happened is that those who went down for their shot came back and were ill in some way within hours.
One team member who is in their 20s and no comorbidities has not returned to work for a week.
A few of them complained of pain in the opposite arm which was a bit of a laugh and a smaller number had coughs and colds, watery eyes, brain fog.
They stayed at work as the culture is awful here. The problem is that I worked closely with them and I have been sick for days with hot waves, blocked nose, rough throat and airways,
weakness and cough. I would advise people to stay away from newly vaccinated people in case you get as sick as I am.
I wonder how long it will take for them to be safe to be around. I am glad my immune system is fighting back.
13.04.2021Central Coast NSW
A 48-year-old Australian woman from Lake Macquarie, NSW has died five days after receiving the AstraZeneca jab. The woman was given the jab on Friday and developed blood clots hours later, according to reports. It’s believed she was a diabetic but otherwise in good health. She was placed in an intensive care unit and died on Wednesday (Australian time).
The woman worked at the Sanitarium Health Food Company, on the Central Coast NSW. The case is under investigation by the coroner and NSW Health Department.
The Australian Health Department said there had been two confirmed cases where Australians who had received the AstraZeneca v@ccine had been sickened with a rare blood clotting disorder known as thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome or TTS. So this is likely a third case of TTS. Despite Denmark and Norway banning the AstraZeneca v@ccine, Australian authorities are still recommending it for people over 50 years of age.
Reported in press
13.04.2021Mark from Australia
My story is this. Although I have warned my retired parents about not having this vac, being like most people their age, I was met with a stop being a conspiracy enabler mentality from my whole family basically. 4 days ago they decided to get the shot thanks to the pressure of the main stream propaganda channels. Fast forward 4 days, the old man is fine however my mother has a running nose and dry throat, fatigued and my sister also, who saw her on the weekend. Mum told me she had fatigue the day after the shot, which she never gets. To say I am worried for their health is an understatement. The doctor gave them a pamphlet about the shot after they received it. My question is. How can this be informed consent if they receive the info on the shot after it has been administered. Neither were sure which type of shots they had, and had no clue that these shots were given under provisional use only. Which means you're basically the human guinea pig. Mum told me that her friend who got the shot on the same day ended up with fever and vomiting. I have told her to report adverse reactions to her doctor and TGA. Hopefully they listen to what I have to say about this. People need to know that this kind of adverse reactions are happening everywhere around the world. I am well traveled and have spoken to many people around the world and so many people are getting sick from it. This is the pharma mafia telling lies and taking control as far as I'm concerned. SPEAK UP PEOPLE BEFORE YOU CAN'T SPEAK AT ALL!
14.04.2021Western Australia
Second Australian case of blood clots likely linked to AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccination, TGA says
The case occurred in a woman in her 40s who was vaccinated in Western Australia.
Read full story here
Sadly these reports aren't coming from those affected. A friend of a friend is a nurse in a Qld hospital. I can't name names, however reports coming from the nurse is how full they are of staff who have had serious reactions to the vacc. 2 girls in their 30's have had strokes ???? staff have been gagged and threatened with being sacked if they speak out about what's happening. Apparently it's even starting to affect how long you wait for an ambulance, up to 2 hours for the broader Brisbane areas!! This is criminal. If you can save a family member from being jabbed I urge you to tell them what's truly happening. Not the lies and cover-ups the media is reporting. Save some lives.
11.04.2021New Zealand
Jacinda Ardern says border workers must get jab by end of April
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says border workers have up to the end of April to be vaccinated before they are moved out of their jobs.
I wander if she has heard of the Nuremberg code!!
10.04.2021 Melbourne Vic.
My daughter has the Astra Zeneca 2 days before it was announced not to be given to under 50 year olds
Muscle and bone aches are normal side effects my daughter was told and she had that for 1 day.
And 1 day she had the chills.
I am really scared for her. But i keep praying she.ll be ok.

WHY? she was forced by her work . No vaxx no job!!!!
And so manny employees said no.
And now the company is extremely low with workers they are running the vaccinated ones to the ground.
Long hours diff shifts . From 20+ that were to cover the work load are now down to 3 ppl.
She is 28 and has no kids yet. Am so scared for her future.

my daughter works at the airport as a front liner in the red zone.
The other daughter amd sister work in the hotel quarantine in the cbd.
Both were told the same.
Even the security at the airport who work for international flights have been vaccinated or no job
10.04.2021Sydney N.S.W.
One of my friends is a microbiologist and works on a hospital in Sydney, had the pfitzer jab both shots
1st one here heart and blood pressure went up dramatically, sore arm , head ache
2nd shot was more lethal off work 4 days bedridden . I asked her what her reactions were. She messaged me this morning and this is her response:
"That's all good! I just had really bad fever and chills, cold etc, was not able to get out of bed for 3/4 days"
10.04.2021Melbourne, Vic
Co-worker dies after jab:
For all you people commenting regarding proof ect. I am the one that actually stood there and had the conversation with him. He told me he was having the vaccine in the afternoon whilst we were at work. I told him to wait as it’s not proven to be safe and so many have died or had major set backs . He said his doctor insisted as he had auto immune issues which is why I said more reason to hold off. He was in his 50’s. I’ve seen people in different countries with testimonials after taking it and they cannot reverse the damage. Many are dead. I told him this. I also said it’s Russian roulette as you don’t know which one you’re getting. Unfortunately I got the call Friday morning that he had passed away Thursday night from a seizure. It saddens me that a life has been taken for absolutely no reason and angers me that so many judge and demand proof and attack someone who has posted a reality check regarding this atrocity towards human kind. This scamdemic has hit close to home for me as you can all see and I still cannot believe he has gone! What more proof do you need????
10.04.2021Lady on FB (NSW)
My cousin was admitted to hospital on Sunday still there with pneumonia, vomiting and diarrhoea, authorities have recorded her adverse effects, chest and rib pain xrays showed pneumonia but they were also checking for blood clots. Says she's feeling better today on IV antibiotics ?? edit: I've asked her if she was healthy before injection and her reply is yes.
09.04.2021NEW ZEALAND: Remuera death: Woman who died at home named as Pauline Hanna
A source told the Herald Hanna was still sending work emails at 10pm on Sunday and that she had her second Covid-19 jab earlier that day.But the last sentence is not to be found on the Herald website anymore.
09.04.202188yo father had a shot on Tuesday, having balance issues and low energy, now his legs are getting shaky. This is a man who normally cycles 14 kms a day and lives in a two story townhouse.
He wants to know how long this takes to pass, anyone had this?
08.04.2021Mother on FB:
10 Days since Injection Astrazeneca, 4 doctors, 4 hospital visits, all they say is neurological,wait for a appointment, going to see OUR doctor today hopefully she can organise something to make these jerks STOP PLEASE , my girl is so exhausted
started 4hrs after injection, She has seizures, her heart is up and down, when she get to sleep the seizures slow but don't stop.
see video here
08.04.2021Investigation into Queensland COVID-19 death
An investigation now underway into the death of an 82-year-old woman in aged care, who died hours after receiving the Pfizer vaccine in Queensland.
07.04.2021An Ipswich aged care worker has allegedly received the wrong second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.
The worker, who lives in Goodna, claims she received the Pfizer vaccine for her first injection but was given the AstraZeneca vaccine in her second injection today.
The woman only realised the mix-up when she was given a pamphlet after the second injection.
3rd person at my work in as many weeks to have blood in thier urine. (only out of the poeple I personally know too)
all have had the "vaccine"....
Unfortunate coincidence? I think not! ??
Two of them ended up in emergency though I know that much. I also know they wouldn't be linking any of it to the shots.
07.04.2021Brisbaine Qld
Central Brisbane 12 hours ago a 30 yr old family member (health professional) of mine received 1st shot - now 2am experiencing high fever/ convulsions/headache. Ambulance is still 45mins away as paramedic explained they are run off their feet responding to similar call outs. I fear for her welfare.
Rollout in this country needs to stop now!! Govt needs to man up and admit they have got it wrong.
05.04.2021TGA adverse event reports up again this week from 5.4 to 5.7 per 1000 doses. Total reports have doubled from last week to 3080. Victoria has the highest number of reports with1336, followed by NSW with 605 and Qld with 472.
Adverse events of special interest are:
Anaphylaxis (18 reports)
Facial weakness (5 reports)
Seizure (5 reports)
Stroke (2 reports)
Pulmonary embolism (1 report)
See the TGA website for further details
Speaking to a workmate who’s partners brother had both jabs overseas so he could travel back to his home country had a test done and was found to have the virus after the jabs ( funny that) so was unable to travel home.
04.04.2021Lady from Victoria:
I received my first vaccination 2 weeks ago.
I have previously suffered from blood clots although many years ago, I still mentioned it to the nursing staff.
7 hours later, fever, hot sweats, headache, nausea.
1 week later, pains in my chest, tightening of my chest and difficulty breathing.
Over the past two weeks I’ve just had nausea off and on.
Am I having the second dose? Certainly not.
10.04.2021Lady on FB (NSW)
My cousin was admitted to hospital on Sunday still there with pneumonia, vomiting and diarrhoea, authorities have recorded her adverse effects, chest and rib pain xrays showed pneumonia but they were also checking for blood clots. Says she's feeling better today on IV antibiotics ?? edit: I've asked her if she was healthy before injection and her reply is yes.
01.04.2021Perth W,A.
Co-worker had jab on Monday, had Tuesday off and is very unwell today. White as a ghost, body aching, eyesight affected, bad headaches and black spots in their eyes....I am not sure which jab was given.
01.04.2021WA Forrestfield
Hubby is still unwell although the dizziness has subsided. I reported the reaction to his gp this afternoon and was told that its extremely unlikely he would react like that to the vaccine and that he must be low in iron and advised blood tests !!!!
Well hubs had the Astrazeneca vacc at 9.30am this morning & by 6pm was flat out in bed unable to move due to severe dizziness & bad diarrhoea. The gp wasn't very useful saying it's a normal reaction
02.04.2021South East Queensland woman severely ill after AstraZeneca jab.
My mother who lives in South East Queensland Australia received the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine at around 2.15pm Thursday 25 March 2021. She started feeling ill and approximately about 22/22hrs after receiving the vaccine Friday 26 March 2021 she could not move and had a high fever and her blood pressure went way up. The ambulance was phoned and she was taken to the hospital that afternoon. On the way in the ambulance people had to place oxygen on her as she was having trouble breathing. My mother is still in hospital today being Friday 2 April 2021 and shall be for awhile longer. The doctors ran heaps of blood test and xrays etc, she even became severely dehydrated and had to have intravenous fluids. The doctors believe my mother has had a reaction to this vaccine which has made her quite ill. My mother can not stand up as she has been having dizziness and she can not even take one step without falling down. She has even lost her appetite. My mother had been at the doctors only the week before having test etc which all came back clear so we know for a fact she was not ill before getting this vaccine.
02.04.2021Man (44) admitted to Victorian hospital with blood clots after receiving AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine
Widely reported in MSM: The man was vaccinated on or around March 22 and was recently admitted to Box Hill Hospital in Melbourne with serious thrombosis and a low platelet count.
24.03.2021Informed Medical Options Party WA - IMOP reported that two men died in Port Macquarie after receiving Pfizer jab.
TGA sees no connection. Eye witness says the 2 men where healthy before the jab. One man died within 24 hours the other 3 days after the jab.
24.03.2021COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report - 24-03-2021
Full report here:
(not a word about the 2 men who dies in Port Macquarie--> see above)
15.03.2021Daughter on FB: My dad had his vaccine on Monday at 4.30pm. He won't listen. He has been scared shitless about getting c0vid.
The next day he had fecer and chills, fet terrible, legs were super weak.
We are guessing he blacked out fell and hit his head. Mum got him back to bed, then 2 hours later he fell out of bed, he couldn't get himself up and mum couldn't either.

She had to call the ambulance. His tests indicates an infection, but they still don't know what or where. He still feels terrible.
15.03.2021Australian Navy caught in massive coronavirus vaccine side effects COVER-UP as sailors collapse into "critical condition" following vax jabs
This was initialy reported by the Daily Mail Online but now the article is removed. Read the full story here:
24.02.2021Brisbane: One man and one woman received overdose of Pfizer Covid vaccine.
Two elderly Queensland residents are being monitored after receiving an “overdose” of the Pfizer COVID vaccine at an aged care facility in Brisbane.
The 88-year-old man and 94-year-old woman are believed to have been given up four times the correct amount of the vaccine on Tuesday at the Holy Spirit Nursing Home Carseldine.