Deaths, corona outbreaks and side effects related to the Covid vaccination

A reader of our blog, who has been living in Australia for many years now, contacted us and is now collecting the media reports of deaths, corona outbreaks and side effects related to the Covid vaccination
If you know of other cases in Australia, simply report them directly via E-Mail to the reader, that collects the information.

Collected articles:


Date: 12.04.2021

17.04.2021TGA admits minors mistakenly given AstraZeneca vaccine
More than a dozen teenagers as young as 14 have been given the AstraZeneca jab despite there being no vaccine approved for use in minors in Australia, as the Therapeutic Goods Administration confirmed
Read more about this blunder here
13.04.2021Private message sent in today via a retired HCP/Nurse in South Australia.

Really appreciate your support re informing us of the realities relating to these vaccines. What a disaster this is! Thought you might be interested to know a very close friend of mine suffered a heart attack yesterday. She had the Astrazeneca vacc on Saturday with nasty reaction almost immediately. Come Monday she dragged herself to work, she is a Registered Nurse. A couple of hours into her shift developed severe pain and breathlessness. Admitted to hospital and found to have a heart attack. Still in hospital, 52 years of age.
Not good
12.04.2021Sydney NSW
My fathers friend had 1st jab. Astrazeneca.
3 days after he needed an emergency MRI.
They confirmed clotting nr the retina and optic nerve.
The next day these ruptured. He's now 90% blind.
He walked in a healthy man.
18.04.2021Western Australia
My wife's friend (Liz is 74) had the Astra Zenica jab about 3 weeks ago because she has some immunity issues. After 3 days she developed a tremble in her right leg and went to her doctor to get tested for thrombosis. Luckily she doesn't have thrombosis but looks like she has developed a neurological condition which is causing her leg to tremble and feel like a dead weight (Liz words). Liz advised my wife her doctor told her to not have the second shot under any circumstances. I will let you know if anything else develops with Liz.
14.04.2021TGA reports:
TGA adverse event reports to 14 April 2021 have increased from 5.4 last week, and 5.7 the week before, to 6.3 per 1000 doses this week.
TGA have changed the state reports to reporting rates per doses (compared to number of reports per state as noted in my earlier posts).
Victoria has had 10.8, Tasmania 6.5 and NT 6.1 adverse events reported per 1000 doses.
TGA continues to note they are investigating whether there is a link between blood clotting disorders and the AstraZeneca vaccine.
Adverse events of special interest are (Pfizer):
Anaphylaxis (39 reports)
Bleeding disorder (11 reports)
Facial weakness (6 reports)
Seizure (7 reports)
Cardiac event (3 reports)
Loss of sense of taste or smell (3 reports)
Liver injury (1 report)
Muscle damage (1 report)
Work colleague was pregnant by ivf was advised by Dr to have vax had miscarriage at 15 weeks husband devastated only spoke to her about not having vax a couple of weeks ago when will people learn
I am a registered nurse in an area where only AZ was offered to staff. Fortunately have not been coerced or forced. I just said no and that was that. I declined the jab but I am now really sick with upper respiratory infection.
What happened is that those who went down for their shot came back and were ill in some way within hours.
One team member who is in their 20s and no comorbidities has not returned to work for a week.
A few of them complained of pain in the opposite arm which was a bit of a laugh and a smaller number had coughs and colds, watery eyes, brain fog.
They stayed at work as the culture is awful here. The problem is that I worked closely with them and I have been sick for days with hot waves, blocked nose, rough throat and airways,
weakness and cough. I would advise people to stay away from newly vaccinated people in case you get as sick as I am.
I wonder how long it will take for them to be safe to be around. I am glad my immune system is fighting back.
13.04.2021Central Coast NSW
A 48-year-old Australian woman from Lake Macquarie, NSW has died five days after receiving the AstraZeneca jab. The woman was given the jab on Friday and developed blood clots hours later, according to reports. It’s believed she was a diabetic but otherwise in good health. She was placed in an intensive care unit and died on Wednesday (Australian time).
The woman worked at the Sanitarium Health Food Company, on the Central Coast NSW. The case is under investigation by the coroner and NSW Health Department.
The Australian Health Department said there had been two confirmed cases where Australians who had received the AstraZeneca v@ccine had been sickened with a rare blood clotting disorder known as thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome or TTS. So this is likely a third case of TTS. Despite Denmark and Norway banning the AstraZeneca v@ccine, Australian authorities are still recommending it for people over 50 years of age.
Reported in press
13.04.2021Mark from Australia
My story is this. Although I have warned my retired parents about not having this vac, being like most people their age, I was met with a stop being a conspiracy enabler mentality from my whole family basically. 4 days ago they decided to get the shot thanks to the pressure of the main stream propaganda channels. Fast forward 4 days, the old man is fine however my mother has a running nose and dry throat, fatigued and my sister also, who saw her on the weekend. Mum told me she had fatigue the day after the shot, which she never gets. To say I am worried for their health is an understatement. The doctor gave them a pamphlet about the shot after they received it. My question is. How can this be informed consent if they receive the info on the shot after it has been administered. Neither were sure which type of shots they had, and had no clue that these shots were given under provisional use only. Which means you're basically the human guinea pig. Mum told me that her friend who got the shot on the same day ended up with fever and vomiting. I have told her to report adverse reactions to her doctor and TGA. Hopefully they listen to what I have to say about this. People need to know that this kind of adverse reactions are happening everywhere around the world. I am well traveled and have spoken to many people around the world and so many people are getting sick from it. This is the pharma mafia telling lies and taking control as far as I'm concerned. SPEAK UP PEOPLE BEFORE YOU CAN'T SPEAK AT ALL!
14.04.2021Western Australia
Second Australian case of blood clots likely linked to AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccination, TGA says
The case occurred in a woman in her 40s who was vaccinated in Western Australia.
Read full story here
Sadly these reports aren't coming from those affected. A friend of a friend is a nurse in a Qld hospital. I can't name names, however reports coming from the nurse is how full they are of staff who have had serious reactions to the vacc. 2 girls in their 30's have had strokes ???? staff have been gagged and threatened with being sacked if they speak out about what's happening. Apparently it's even starting to affect how long you wait for an ambulance, up to 2 hours for the broader Brisbane areas!! This is criminal. If you can save a family member from being jabbed I urge you to tell them what's truly happening. Not the lies and cover-ups the media is reporting. Save some lives.
11.04.2021New Zealand
Jacinda Ardern says border workers must get jab by end of April
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says border workers have up to the end of April to be vaccinated before they are moved out of their jobs.
I wander if she has heard of the Nuremberg code!!
10.04.2021 Melbourne Vic.
My daughter has the Astra Zeneca 2 days before it was announced not to be given to under 50 year olds
Muscle and bone aches are normal side effects my daughter was told and she had that for 1 day.
And 1 day she had the chills.
I am really scared for her. But i keep praying she.ll be ok.

WHY? she was forced by her work . No vaxx no job!!!!
And so manny employees said no.
And now the company is extremely low with workers they are running the vaccinated ones to the ground.
Long hours diff shifts . From 20+ that were to cover the work load are now down to 3 ppl.
She is 28 and has no kids yet. Am so scared for her future.

my daughter works at the airport as a front liner in the red zone.
The other daughter amd sister work in the hotel quarantine in the cbd.
Both were told the same.
Even the security at the airport who work for international flights have been vaccinated or no job
10.04.2021Sydney N.S.W.
One of my friends is a microbiologist and works on a hospital in Sydney, had the pfitzer jab both shots
1st one here heart and blood pressure went up dramatically, sore arm , head ache
2nd shot was more lethal off work 4 days bedridden . I asked her what her reactions were. She messaged me this morning and this is her response:
"That's all good! I just had really bad fever and chills, cold etc, was not able to get out of bed for 3/4 days"
10.04.2021Melbourne, Vic
Co-worker dies after jab:
For all you people commenting regarding proof ect. I am the one that actually stood there and had the conversation with him. He told me he was having the vaccine in the afternoon whilst we were at work. I told him to wait as it’s not proven to be safe and so many have died or had major set backs . He said his doctor insisted as he had auto immune issues which is why I said more reason to hold off. He was in his 50’s. I’ve seen people in different countries with testimonials after taking it and they cannot reverse the damage. Many are dead. I told him this. I also said it’s Russian roulette as you don’t know which one you’re getting. Unfortunately I got the call Friday morning that he had passed away Thursday night from a seizure. It saddens me that a life has been taken for absolutely no reason and angers me that so many judge and demand proof and attack someone who has posted a reality check regarding this atrocity towards human kind. This scamdemic has hit close to home for me as you can all see and I still cannot believe he has gone! What more proof do you need????
10.04.2021Lady on FB (NSW)
My cousin was admitted to hospital on Sunday still there with pneumonia, vomiting and diarrhoea, authorities have recorded her adverse effects, chest and rib pain xrays showed pneumonia but they were also checking for blood clots. Says she's feeling better today on IV antibiotics ?? edit: I've asked her if she was healthy before injection and her reply is yes.
09.04.2021NEW ZEALAND: Remuera death: Woman who died at home named as Pauline Hanna
A source told the Herald Hanna was still sending work emails at 10pm on Sunday and that she had her second Covid-19 jab earlier that day.But the last sentence is not to be found on the Herald website anymore.
09.04.202188yo father had a shot on Tuesday, having balance issues and low energy, now his legs are getting shaky. This is a man who normally cycles 14 kms a day and lives in a two story townhouse.
He wants to know how long this takes to pass, anyone had this?
08.04.2021Mother on FB:
10 Days since Injection Astrazeneca, 4 doctors, 4 hospital visits, all they say is neurological,wait for a appointment, going to see OUR doctor today hopefully she can organise something to make these jerks STOP PLEASE , my girl is so exhausted
started 4hrs after injection, She has seizures, her heart is up and down, when she get to sleep the seizures slow but don't stop.
see video here
08.04.2021Investigation into Queensland COVID-19 death
An investigation now underway into the death of an 82-year-old woman in aged care, who died hours after receiving the Pfizer vaccine in Queensland.
07.04.2021An Ipswich aged care worker has allegedly received the wrong second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.
The worker, who lives in Goodna, claims she received the Pfizer vaccine for her first injection but was given the AstraZeneca vaccine in her second injection today.
The woman only realised the mix-up when she was given a pamphlet after the second injection.
3rd person at my work in as many weeks to have blood in thier urine. (only out of the poeple I personally know too)
all have had the "vaccine"....
Unfortunate coincidence? I think not! ??
Two of them ended up in emergency though I know that much. I also know they wouldn't be linking any of it to the shots.
07.04.2021Brisbaine Qld
Central Brisbane 12 hours ago a 30 yr old family member (health professional) of mine received 1st shot - now 2am experiencing high fever/ convulsions/headache. Ambulance is still 45mins away as paramedic explained they are run off their feet responding to similar call outs. I fear for her welfare.
Rollout in this country needs to stop now!! Govt needs to man up and admit they have got it wrong.
05.04.2021TGA adverse event reports up again this week from 5.4 to 5.7 per 1000 doses. Total reports have doubled from last week to 3080. Victoria has the highest number of reports with1336, followed by NSW with 605 and Qld with 472.
Adverse events of special interest are:
Anaphylaxis (18 reports)
Facial weakness (5 reports)
Seizure (5 reports)
Stroke (2 reports)
Pulmonary embolism (1 report)
See the TGA website for further details
Speaking to a workmate who’s partners brother had both jabs overseas so he could travel back to his home country had a test done and was found to have the virus after the jabs ( funny that) so was unable to travel home.
04.04.2021Lady from Victoria:
I received my first vaccination 2 weeks ago.
I have previously suffered from blood clots although many years ago, I still mentioned it to the nursing staff.
7 hours later, fever, hot sweats, headache, nausea.
1 week later, pains in my chest, tightening of my chest and difficulty breathing.
Over the past two weeks I’ve just had nausea off and on.
Am I having the second dose? Certainly not.
10.04.2021Lady on FB (NSW)
My cousin was admitted to hospital on Sunday still there with pneumonia, vomiting and diarrhoea, authorities have recorded her adverse effects, chest and rib pain xrays showed pneumonia but they were also checking for blood clots. Says she's feeling better today on IV antibiotics ?? edit: I've asked her if she was healthy before injection and her reply is yes.
01.04.2021Perth W,A.
Co-worker had jab on Monday, had Tuesday off and is very unwell today. White as a ghost, body aching, eyesight affected, bad headaches and black spots in their eyes....I am not sure which jab was given.
01.04.2021WA Forrestfield
Hubby is still unwell although the dizziness has subsided. I reported the reaction to his gp this afternoon and was told that its extremely unlikely he would react like that to the vaccine and that he must be low in iron and advised blood tests !!!!
Well hubs had the Astrazeneca vacc at 9.30am this morning & by 6pm was flat out in bed unable to move due to severe dizziness & bad diarrhoea. The gp wasn't very useful saying it's a normal reaction
02.04.2021South East Queensland woman severely ill after AstraZeneca jab.
My mother who lives in South East Queensland Australia received the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine at around 2.15pm Thursday 25 March 2021. She started feeling ill and approximately about 22/22hrs after receiving the vaccine Friday 26 March 2021 she could not move and had a high fever and her blood pressure went way up. The ambulance was phoned and she was taken to the hospital that afternoon. On the way in the ambulance people had to place oxygen on her as she was having trouble breathing. My mother is still in hospital today being Friday 2 April 2021 and shall be for awhile longer. The doctors ran heaps of blood test and xrays etc, she even became severely dehydrated and had to have intravenous fluids. The doctors believe my mother has had a reaction to this vaccine which has made her quite ill. My mother can not stand up as she has been having dizziness and she can not even take one step without falling down. She has even lost her appetite. My mother had been at the doctors only the week before having test etc which all came back clear so we know for a fact she was not ill before getting this vaccine.
02.04.2021Man (44) admitted to Victorian hospital with blood clots after receiving AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine
Widely reported in MSM: The man was vaccinated on or around March 22 and was recently admitted to Box Hill Hospital in Melbourne with serious thrombosis and a low platelet count.
24.03.2021Informed Medical Options Party WA - IMOP reported that two men died in Port Macquarie after receiving Pfizer jab.
TGA sees no connection. Eye witness says the 2 men where healthy before the jab. One man died within 24 hours the other 3 days after the jab.
24.03.2021COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report - 24-03-2021
Full report here:
(not a word about the 2 men who dies in Port Macquarie--> see above)
15.03.2021Daughter on FB: My dad had his vaccine on Monday at 4.30pm. He won't listen. He has been scared shitless about getting c0vid.
The next day he had fecer and chills, fet terrible, legs were super weak.
We are guessing he blacked out fell and hit his head. Mum got him back to bed, then 2 hours later he fell out of bed, he couldn't get himself up and mum couldn't either.

She had to call the ambulance. His tests indicates an infection, but they still don't know what or where. He still feels terrible.
15.03.2021Australian Navy caught in massive coronavirus vaccine side effects COVER-UP as sailors collapse into "critical condition" following vax jabs
This was initialy reported by the Daily Mail Online but now the article is removed. Read the full story here:
24.02.2021Brisbane: One man and one woman received overdose of Pfizer Covid vaccine.
Two elderly Queensland residents are being monitored after receiving an “overdose” of the Pfizer COVID vaccine at an aged care facility in Brisbane.
The 88-year-old man and 94-year-old woman are believed to have been given up four times the correct amount of the vaccine on Tuesday at the Holy Spirit Nursing Home Carseldine.